New Delhi, 22nd March 2016: In its continued endeavour of water conservation and management Coca-Cola India Foundation dedicated its 150th water conservation structure (check dam) to the community of Cheranmahadevi Panchayat Union in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu on World Water Day today. Through its Foundation Anandana, Coca-Cola India worked in several water deprived villages of India for water replenishment aiming to improve availability and conservation of water. The Foundation in partnership with Srinivasan Services Trust started a watershed management intervention program in the Tirunelveli district for improving water use efficiency and groundwater recharge and strengthening ecosystem services. This watershed project covers around 1500 hectares and comprises 3 villages benefitting over 5000 people.

A dedication tour was also organized in Tirunelveli district for the stakeholders on the occasion of World Water Day to showcase the impact of the watershed project which lead to socio-economic development of the region.

A significant feature of these projects is the strong community thrust with women participating in large numbers and attaining a supervisory role as Members of village level “Pani Samitis” execute to and formulate norms and procedures around the maintenance and sustainability of the project.
Speaking on the occasion Mr. Yogesh Chandra, CEO, Coca-Cola India Foundation said, “Anandana in close partnership with various NGO’s has been working in the districts of Bundelkhand, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu for water replenishment. The foundation has reached 382 Indian villages benefitting population of 5,17,223. Such initiatives underline Coco-Cola’s commitment to work along with communities and support development.”

Mr. Ashoke Joshi, Chairman, Srinivasan Services Trust, on the occasion said, “The proof of the good work lies in the benefits that the villagers have derived from this intervention. With the support of the Coca-Cola India Foundation, we plan to expand the project to cover and benefit more such villages”

The Coca-Cola India Foundation, Anandana, is committed towards sustainable development and inclusive growth by focusing on issues relating to water, the environment, healthy living and social advance so that it can contribute to a strong and resolute India enabling the common man to better his or her life.

Anandana focuses on supporting social projects in the domains of water sustainability and the spread of new and renewable energy sources. Geographically, Anandana focuses on some of the most backward regions of the country. Since its inception, The Foundation has sanctioned 36 projects, of which 18 have been completed and balance 18 are under implementation. The Foundation does not consider any proposal that has direct or indirect linkage to any of the Company’s plants or commercial operations.
Some Significant Achievement of Tirunelveli Watershed Project

• 231 no. of farmers got the income of Rs.4500 to 6000 through Dry land farming
• 623 cows’ milk yield have been increased from 5 litres to 6.5 litres per day.
• Out of 197 wells and 127 bore wells, 107 wells and 89 bore wells water table level have been increased from 2.5 to 5 meter
• Out of 1242.28 ha of fallow land, 1106.7 ha fallow land Soil and Water have been conserved. In which 65% of lands were converted as cultivable (Dry Land Farming, Fodder, Agro-forestry, Horticulture and so on).
• Migration on want to income is decreased as 25% from the 45%.
• Family income level increased as Rs.8000 to 10000 per month from the 6000/.

About The Coca-Cola Company and Citizenship

The Coca-Cola Company has always placed high value on good citizenship. At the heart of business is a mission statement called the Coca-Cola Promise — “The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone that it touches.” This basic proposition means that the company’s business should refresh the markets, protect, preserve and enhance the environment and strengthen the community. Coca-Cola India provides extensive support for community programs across the country, with a focus on education, health and water conservation. For further information on Company’s India operations and its products, please visit