Brindavan Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. flag off Coca-Cola India's World Water Day Celebrations with a host of activities including a rally for water recycle, reuse & conservation and art competition on the theme of “International Year of Water Cooperation” in Barabanki
Mr. A.K Singh, Chief Development Officer, Barabanki and Mr. Manoj Patra, General Manager, Brindavan Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. present at the event to join in celebrations
Barabanki, March 22nd, 2013: As part of its weeklong celebrations marking the World Water Day, Coca-Cola India today came together with Brindavan Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. to celebrate the day in Barabanki. Over the past 10 years, Coca-Cola has reaffirmed its commitment towards water management and sustainability by actively participating in the celebrations of this landmark day through initiatives across the country. The dedication is a step forward on Coca-Cola's commitment towards community level involvement to address and create awareness of water issues being faced by the people.
The celebrations included a host of activities such as a rally for water recycle, reuse & conservation, an art competition on the theme of “International Year of Water Cooperation”, a run for water at the nearby Poorva Madhyamik Vidhyalya and Model presentation on water recycle, reuse & conservation by schools in the surrounding areas. These nationwide Coca-Cola celebrations will go on to touch the lives of over thousands of people and are in tandem with the United Nation's commemoration of 2013 as International Year of Water Cooperation. Present at the event were Mr. A.K Singh, Chief Development Officer, Barabanki and Mr. Manoj Patra, General Manager, Brindavan Bottlers Pvt. Ltd.
Appreciating the efforts undertaken for the initiative, Mr. A.K Singh, Chief Development Officer, Barabanki said, "It is important to create awareness of the role water plays in our lives and the steps we can take to encourage its sustainability. Each of us is responsible to preserve water for our future generations. These celebrations are bringing people together, especially children, for this worthy cause. I would like to congratulate Coca-Cola India and Brindavan Bottlers Private Limited for all their hard work and commitment towards water sustainability in Barabanki."
Speaking about Coca-Cola India's water sustainability efforts, Mr. Vivek Ladhani, Director, Brindavan Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. said, "At Brindavan Bottlers Pvt. Ltd., we have always been aware of the role water plays in the communities in which we operate. As our country develops, there is an inevitable rise in demand for water. It is our responsibility to put forth all our resources to ensure the preservation of groundwater. India is the first country in The Coca-Cola Company system to reach a 'net zero balance' with respect to groundwater usage, in 2010. With this commitment, we have today come together to celebrate World Water Day with weeklong celebrations across the country. I am thankful to all the partners for coming together to complete this project."
Over the years, Coca-Cola India and its bottling partners have been involved in a number of water replenishment initiatives in the country, including the setting up of rainwater harvesting projects, rejuvenation of traditional water bodies and restoration of ponds and lakes, drip irrigation projects, check dams and more.
About Coca-Cola and Citizenship The Coca-Cola Company has always placed high value on good citizenship. At the heart of business is a mission statement called the Coca-Cola Promise — “The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone that it touches.” This basic proposition means that the company’s business should refresh the markets, protect, preserve and enhance the environment and strengthen the community. Coca-Cola India provides extensive support for community programs across the country, with a focus on education, health and water conservation. For further information on Company’s India operations and its products, please visit