Chennai, March 1, 2017: The Indian Beverage Association (IBA) is deeply disappointed by the call to boycott products manufactured by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo India. This call is against the proven fundamentals of robust economic growth, and against the clarion call of “Making in India”. The boycott call also violates the rights of the consumer to exercise choice.

The Indian Beverage Association has already clarified that both Hindutan Coca-Cola and PepsiCo India are local companies, registered in India and compliant to all applicable rules and regulations. They respect local culture and consumer sentiments.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo India together provide direct employment to 2,000 families in Tamil Nadu and more than 5,000 families indirectly, through their extensive supply chain. They also play a critical role in improving the livelihood of over 2 lakh retailers, who earn more than Rs. 400 crores in income by selling products manufactured by the two companies. The companies also sustain the interests of thousands of Tamil farmers, by procuring agri-produce.

In addition, IBA member companies have skilled farmers and retailers in modern techniques of agriculture or commerce, they are deeply involved in ensuring the welfare and sustenance of local community. They have adopted local villages, restored water bodies, built check dams, helped in poverty alleviation etc. Their role in disaster relief and rehabilitation initiatives especially in the wake of the recent Chennai floods is well documented.

IBA also wants to take this opportunity to clarify that the products manufactured by Coca-Cola and Pepsi are of global standards and one of the safest available. No less than the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in its order passed on October 22, 2013 after noting FSSAI’s submission said that “basis the existing consumption patterns prevalent in India, ingredients present in aerated beverages do not pose any health hazard”.

IBA hopes that good sense will prevail and that consumers will continue to have the right to exercise their choice in Tamil Nadu. IBA is open to engage with any organisation that has a diverse point of view.

For further information, please contact: Arvind Varma, Secretary General, Indian Beverage Association at

About IBA: 

The Indian Beverage Association aims to bring together all stakeholders to a common platform to promote growth of the non-alcoholic beverage industry. As a forerunner in the sphere, it acts as a common voice for the industry and plays a significant role in the growth of this sector, a sector that drives the economy by providing employment opportunities and driving income growth.

The Association serves as an inter-face between the industry, the government and the public, besides providing a unified and focused viewpoint on legislative and regulatory matters. IBA aims to facilitate the framing, development and dissemination of best practices related to the environment, quality, manufacturing and other relevant areas, with the objective of continuing the manufacture and supply of safe, healthy and high quality non-alcoholic drinks for the consumers.

The Association also aims to pro-actively interact with the Central and State Governments and other apex industry chambers for the formulation of policies and rules that may help promote and protect the interests of the non-alcoholic beverage industry in its endeavor to serve the nation.

The Indian Beverage Association comprises leading members of the beverage industry such as FieldFresh Foods (Del Monte), Red Bull India, Coca-Cola India, Pepsico India, Dabur, Mondelez India , Tetra Pak India, Bengal Beverages, ISDMA, Pearl Drinks,  Britannia Dairy, Narang Danone Access, Reliance Industries, Manjushree Technopack, Parle Agro, Krones India,  Kali Aerated Water Works, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, Hector Beverages, Britvic India, Lanxess India, Schaefer Systems International and Monster Energy India.

For further information, please contact: Arvind Varma, Secretary General, Indian Beverage Association at