Sumanta Misra of Jalpaiguri, West Bengal is an innovative farmer specialising in rooftop farming. He owns 250 sq ft land area and 1,700 sq ft rooftop. He plants original species and uses organic manure only. He has several records to his credit (see previous editions). These are some of his latest records:

Largest foliage spread of a chilli plant in a pot: A chilli plant grown in a pot on the rooftop of his house has a 12 ft spread its branches in east-west direction and 10 ft north-south as on June 4, 2016.
Tallest Basella alba plant: He has a 68 ft high Malabar spinach (Basella alba) plant in the garden. It stood 20 ft vertically and 48 ft horizontally as on Sept 29, 2015.
Tallest brinjal plant in a pot: He has a 9 ft tall brinjal plant in a pot on the rooftop.
Tallest pointed gourd plant: A pointed gourd plant has grown 55 ft tall.