The Assam Regiment, raised on June 15, 1941, is an Infantry regiment known forvalour.Thethanksgiving regimental song, a rousing march, includes the line, Badluram ka badan, zameen kay Biggest flood relief exercise From June 28 to 30, 2016, the Army conducted the biggest flood relief exercise in Guwahati to prepare for coming exigencies Ex Jal Rahat. The exercise involved personnel of the Army, Indian Air Force (IAF), Navy, the state government, National Disaster Relief Force and Assam State Disaster Management Authority on the banks of the river Brahmaputra. Besides ground forces, participants included a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) squadron and medical staff. Army Aviation Corps’ Cheetah and Advance Light helicopters and the IAF’s MI-17 helicopters were used for aerial reconnaissance. Divers of the Navy, NDRF and SDRF practised rescue, resuscitation and first aid and taught the technique to local populace. neechay hai, aur humay usska ration milta hai. (Badluram’s body is buried under the ground and we draw his rations).
According to legend, Badluram of the Assam Regiment died in World War II. The then Quarter Master (QM) continued to draw rations in his name perhaps because he forgot to strike it off. Over time, the dead soldier’s share piled up. When the Japanese besieged the regiment in 1944 and cut off supplies, Badluram’s brothers-in-arms survived the siege living off his rations.
Assam Regiment was so grateful to Badluram that when recruits pass out of the Shillong training centre, the Badluram song, is a must. Composed by Major MT Procter, it is set to the tune of John Brown’s body. At the Republic Day parade 2016, the Assam Regiment soldiers were declared the best marching contingent.