Sayomdeb Mukherjee (35) better known as RJ Den, Sayomdeb is an extremely popular RJ, hosting a daily show (Mon – Fri) on an FM station – 91.9 Friends FM in Kolkata. Den uses his life experience to respond to the problems of listeners. Born with Dopaminr- Responsive Dystonia, a rare disorder, Sayomdeb has extreme mobility problems, and was non-verbal till age 25. In 2005, when he began to speak, he was able to fulfil a life-long dream. He received the11th Cavin Kare ABILITY Mastery Awards 2013. The radio programme Haal Chhero Nah Bondhu (Never Give Up - Dear Friend), a morning radio show won him awards, including Radio Excellence Award, Best Bengali Radio Jockey in 2014. A book by him titled Memoirs of Time was launched at Kolkata on Jan 23, 2016.