In 2005, moved by the deplorable condition of Munshi Premchand’s ancestral home at Lamhi in Varanasi, Dr Vinay Kumar Yadav, Prof of Hindi from Bishop Cotton Women’s College, Bengaluru decided that something must be done to preserve it for posterity. A signature campaign which began in the class room soon snowballed into over one lakh signatures. A letter drafted to Akilesh Yadav, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, resulted in a grant of Rs1.5 crore. By 2014, Prof Yadav and his students had transformed the dilapidated home  into Premchand Museum. On display is Premchand’s Saraswati printing press, the cot he slept on, the pen with which he wrote some celebrated works. The museum houses 300 novels and is a research centre.