The Ashadhi Waari procession of 250 km is an old tradition of Maharashtra state, starting from Alandi (strating on June 27) and Dehu (starting on June 28) during which 10,00,000 lakh people walk for 18 days to Pandharpur by July 14, 2016. Akashwani Pune’s Studio on Wheels followed the pilgrims the entire trip with the two outdoor broadcast team, with recording and editing equipment, continuously interacting with them, and the report was broadcast every day from 10.30 am to 11.00 am. The event was conceived and coordinated by Arun Solanki PEX, Ravindra Ranjhekar AE and CM Nagarkar PEX. Programme head was Ravindra Khasnis ADP and overall head of the event was Ashish Bhatnagar DDG(E).