Generally prisoners are transferred on security / disciplinary grounds or on request. Not so in the case of Rohit Pagare, an inmate of Gurgaon District Jail in Haryana and his team! He along with team member Anoop Singh has been transferred to various prisons in the state as many as 11 times – but always on recommendation by Superintendent of Prison and approved by Director General of Prisons, Haryana! Balwant and Ajit Singh, two other members of the team also joined them thrice in the transfer. What earned them those unusual recommendations ? Rohit was part of the team of inmates that initially designed the Phoenix Software for digitization of prisoner records. After success of the software in Gurgaon, Rohit selected a team of inmates who were sent to other prisons in the state to install the software and carry out similar computerization projects there. They also trained the prison staff in handling the software. Their first transfer was from Gurgaon to Karnal on Jan 10, 2015 and the latest was Yamuna Nagar to Gurgaon on Jan 13, 2016.