Kids Age, an English tabloid size monthly published and edited by Sajid Saiyad, from Ahmedabad Gujarat is a very interactive paper coming out with various innovations since 2006 to keep children interested in the printed word. It is a subscription based newspaper and carries the motto ‘For the children, of the children, by the children’.
3D newspaper: Since June 2010 one monthly edition is full of 3D pictures and send to subscribers along with a 3D glass to enjoy the content. As of November 2015 Kids Age had published six such papers.
Coded newspaper: In attempt to fuel curiosity in children, since 2012 one monthly edition is printed in a coded form, where parts of the newspaper can be read only using a supplied magnifying glass replica. The text is printed in cyan below a magenta and yellow design pattern and can only be read when seen through the red coloured plastic sheet filter. As of February 2015 four such papers had been sent out to subscribers.
Wet and Reveal: In the March 2016 edition, the newspaper carried a picture which is covered with white opaque dots and when water is applied on it the picture becomes clear. It changes back to original picture when dry.