ISMES Jalna, has developed a very low cost satellite spectrum monitoring and esystem under the project Orbit Spectrum to monitor spectrum usage by various service providers, both private and public, providing satellite-based services. To ensure that optimum work was achieved in limited funds, a low cost satellite dish antenna, which is manually controlled was created in-house and named ‘Small Wonder’ because it is only 2.4 m in size. It officially became functional on April 19, 2013. It is capable of monitoring 10 different types of satellite services operating in C and Ku bands. A database called Sajag was launched on June 27, 2014 which preserves all monitoring data and details of the spectrum assigned to various players. This system has made it easy for officials to make note of any violations. The entire project costs only Rs 2.59 lakh with Rs 20,000 spent on the dish Small Wonder and Rs 15,000 on the database Sajag. The project was developed under the leadership of Ajay Singhal and Onkarnath of the Indian Radio Regulatory Services (IRRS). The International Satellite Monitoring Earth Station was set up in 1992-93 in Jalna, Maharashtra under the Ministry of Communication to ensure that Indian satellites face no interference from foreign satellites and is currently headed by Ajay Singhal of the IRRS.