Artist Rahool Saksena (b Jan 14, 1965) of Chennai, Tamil Nadu raised the Tree of Hope, an Art Installation using 500 flattened recycled glass bottles as a fundraiser for Chennai Flood Relief, 2015. Leaves from the Tree of Hope were ‘bought’ by visitors for a minimum base value of Rs 1500 and the funds thus raised were collated and distributed towards relief work for the city’s flood victims. The 144 in (12 ft) tall and 72 in wide conical structure took 2,900 man hours to create and was hosted at Crowne Plaza, Chennai Adyar Park between Dec 11, 2015 and Jan 6, 2016. Funds were channelised for flood relief via the Arcot Foundation. Saksena was an Artist-in-Residence at Rashtrapati Bhavan in 2014.