Rekhta Foundation, an irrevocable public charitable trust, was instituted on May 18, 2012. Founded by Sanjiv Saraf, is the largest free website and resource for Urdu language and literature. With 4.4 million followers across 225 countries, it presents over 2,100 poets and 25,000 poetical compositions from the 13th century to the present day. The library of over 20,000 e-books, 4,500 audios and 4,600 videos, has a website featuring poets reciting their works and experts rendering them with remarkable competence, thus offering unique experience of reading, listening and viewing. Rekhta Foundation showcases a comprehensive dictionary with meaning of Urdu words at a click to facilitate reading of texts in Persian, Devanagari, and Roman scripts. It also organises its annual festival called Jashn-e-Rekhta which had 85,000 footfalls in 2016.