Indigenous cylinder heads for diesel locos Cylinder head is a critical but very expensive component of diesel locomotives that needs to be replaced every 18-20 months or so. As these used to be manufactured only by large industries abroad, India had to depend on imports from England, USA and Germany. (Indian Railways started production of cylinder heads for some indigenously made engines later). In 1966, a man named Thakur Sajjan Singh Rathore Kanwala of Ajmer, Rajasthan, with no engineering degree or training, took up the challenge by Western Railway to make cylinder heads for the Paxman locos, which he fulfilled successfully. Since then, he with the help of his 10-member team has manufactured more than 4,000 cylinder heads for not less than 10 loco models on Indian Railways. Remarkably, his products have been acknowledged as a better substitute (than those made by big companies) with longer life and at less cost.