The Great Selfie Challenge (May 1 -15, 2015) web show had 5 players (Ahvanya Sharma of New Delhi, Clince Varghese of Mumbai, Mihir Chaddha of Hyderabad, Paurush Irani of Mumbai and Sahaya Sharma of New Delhi) travel around India in the quest for the most epic selfie for 14 days with a limited budget of Rs 1 lakh to complete 7 selfie challenges.
By the end of these 14 days, there were 35 epic selfies that will leave an indelible mark in selfie history! Completing every challenge gave the players 10,000 points. The 5 selfie takers had no travel plans or itinerary. They decided where to go next based on the selfie challenge that they received. The grand prize of Rs 1 lakh was won by Clince Varghese.