MY FM launched the radio reality show ‘Paiso Ka Ped’ in Jaipur. A Money Tree was set up in the middle of Mall Attrium. The 2- week campaign got over 1,500 registrations,followed by an onground screening where all participants were met and finally only 100 got shortlisted. Lastly, 30 candidates were selected post a thorough medical examination as the finalists to compete in the contest. They were supposed to hold a specially fabricated tree made with coins and currency notes. The winner was decided as to whosoever managed to hold the tree for the longest duration. Paiso Ka Ped, the specially fabricated tree was installed at World Trade Park mall, Jaipur. The contest went on for 65 hours nonstop with contestants perfoming various tasks. The winner was announced on April 6, 2015 - Govind Sharma won Rs 5 lakh.