Walnut Knowledge Solutions (WKS), a Bengaluru-based education company set up by former corporate lawyers Raghav Chakravarthy (27) and Sachin Ravi (25) in 2014 to stimulate curiosity through quiz programmes, organised the first quiz in the Antarctic continent on board the Aurora Lounge in MV Ocean Endeavour in the Antarctic Peninsula on March 18, 2016. The 30 min quiz programme conducted by WKS representative Subhodeep Jash (28) featured questions on Antarctica, climate change, environmental conservation and other such topics as part of the International Antarctic Expedition 2016 organised by the 2041 Foundation. Founded by Robert Swan, the 2041 Foundation organises Antarctic expeditions annually and is attended by chosen young leaders who are educated about their ecological responsibilities, sustainability and climate change. About 40-50 expedition members of the 2016 delegation from different countries attended the quiz.