Space Kidz India, a team of students from Chennai, successfully launched a Near Space Launch Vehicle (NSLV) at Hindustan University’s Padur Campus football ground at 11.07 am on August 23, 2015. They were also able to retrieve the payload and the data stored in it. The launch vehicle, a 1,200 g balloon filled with helium gas, was fixed to a payload box and a parachute. The payload box had 10 sensors to record air quality, altitude and temperature at high altitudes. A GPS tracker was used to track the ascent and descent, coordinates (latitude and longitude) and speed of the balloon. As per the recorded data, the vehicle had touched an altitude of 1,06,789 ft before the balloon burst due to air pressure and a  parachute brought back the payload safely. A team of students retrieved the payload box intact from a place 69 km away from the launch pad.
Conceived and executed by Rifath Sharook (a student of class 12) and SKI Director Dr Srimathy Kesan, the team also comprised 10 second year Aero Space students from Hindustan University – Kambala Yagna Sai, Tanishq Dwivedi, Vinyas Purushotaman, Debanjana Chakraborthy, Nitin Kumar, Darshan VR, Mohammed Abdul Kashif, Vinay S Bhardwaj, Ranga Sayee and T Gobinath.