There are about 80 Army Transport (AT) companies and mules work in war and peace, carrying stores and ammunition, transport casualties to military hospitals in inhospitable areas. Mules are known by the hoof number, not by name. Hoof number 15328 was special. Born in 1960, she joined the Army on May 4, 1962, among the first batch in her unit. In 1987, Maj Chunni Lal Sharma, Officer Commanding, 853 AT Company ASC (Mountain Artillery Mules), was surprised that No 15328 was a 29-year-old and still working! Moreover, she was still happy to do her duty and travel up to high altitude areas of 17,000 ft. Her loyalty was recognised by Major Sharma who named her the Company Mascot and printed her photograph on the Company’s greeting card at the end of 1989. In 1992, hoof 15328 was sent to New Delhi where she was named Pedongi and presented a blue velvet ceremonial rug by Col Girdhari Singh. Number 15328, the longest serving military mule, died peacefully in Bareilly on March 25, 1998.