Impact Stories

Coca-Cola India initiates provision of safe drinking water in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh benefitting 20,000 lives

With a focus on providing safe and clean drinking water for communities, Anandana, The Coca-Cola India Foundation, in partnership with Jaldhara Foundation and WaterHealth India initiated seven WaterHealth Centres (WHCs) in the Adilabad, Medak and Nizamabad districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The Foundation has also invested in water treatment facilities of these districts to serve over 20,000 people of the community and provide them a sustainable livelihood...Read More

Coca-Cola India aids the rejuvenation of Sukkhad River in Alirajpur Madhya Pradesh to benefit over 8500 lives

Accelerating its water stewardship programs in India, Anandana, The Coca-Cola India Foundation, in partnership with Rajputana Society of Natural History Bharatpur (RSNH) successfully completed the development of rain-water harvesting structures for Sukhhad River in Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Aimed at creating a sustainable model, Sukkhad project will facilitate optimal water for drinking and agriculture to the community..Read More

Community Finds Local Solution for Water, Gets Rewarded by State Government

Five villages in Dholpur decided to join hands to build a check dam to store rain water they would get in the village. The dam was to add to the 600 mm rainfall in the villages, lower than the national average. Financial aid for the check dams that have created a total water replenishment potential of 1.5 billion litres was given by Anandana...Read More

Water Replenishment Project Solved Kupiya Village’s Water Worries

This is a story of hope in times of despair. The story of a village full of diversity, yet one where tribes are marginalised and vulnerable.  But facing an identity crisis is perhaps the least of the worries faced by tribes from Kupiya Village in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh. A severe scarcity of water was drying up any hopes for a prosperous future for these people who depend on agriculture as their primary source of livelihood. It was here that Anandana- the Coca-Cola India Foundation...Read More

How the Availability of Water Allowed Kanhaiya to Return Home

Bijawar, one of the most water-scarce blocks of Chhatarpur districts in Madhya Pradesh, has a village named Patna. The plight of the people in Patna village can be easily understood by the fact that people didn’t get more than two glasses of water for their daily drinking needs. Patna is a tribal-dominated village, and any traces of government schemes and welfare work were completely impalpable in the locality...Read More

A Look at Coca-Cola India Foundation's Efforts to Save and Rejuvenate the Water Table

Anandana, Coca-Cola India Foundation have created enormous capacities of water storage and rejunivated both the water table as well as the surface water bodies in water scarce areas...Read More

Mahoba Rejoices as Coca-Cola Helps Solve Water Worries

Narwara is located at Mahoba village in Bundelkhand in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The village is located on a rocky land, where getting water has always been a challenge. Given the difficult terrain, digging a well is almost impossible. The nearest source of water is nearly a kilometre away. It meant that women in the village had to carry utensils and ferry the water in them...Read More

From Paucity to Plenty – Water Changes Fortunes of Jhabua Village

The smile on the face of Malla Damor, head of an eight-member family from the remote Gopalpura village in Madhya Pradesh, has a story to tell. It is one of how concerted community action helped change the face of his village for good...Read More

Engineering Solutions for India’s Water Worries

The scarcity of potable water in our country is not a lesser-known problem. But what are seldom heard of are the stories of people who work hard to help overcome this crisis. One such story is that of a civil engineer from IIT, Delhi, who gave up a lucrative career in the corporate world to focus his efforts instead on helping those for whom water is nothing short of a luxury...Read More

Check Dam Project that Solved Mathura Devi’s Water Worries

Many areas of Madhya Pradesh continue to be in the grip of a haunting water scarcity. Parched water reservoirs, diminishing hopes, dry matkas, and blank eyes staring at the blazing skies have become some of the tell-tale signs of the acute water shortage that arid villages face...Read More

Drought to Lush Green Fields, Two Villages in Mahoba Have Reversed their Fortunes

Collective action can solve the most difficult of problems. The residents of Bilkhi and Tola Swayam villages in Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh have learnt this with experience. Their story is now a shining example of solving the water worries for a community...Read More

Small Intervention, Big Impact on Villages

Water-the most basic and essential element required for life to exist. Water...also the most abused, often wasted and mostly taken-for-granted natural resource. What happens when this so-called basic resource is not available for miles around you? What happens when you aren’t sure whether you’ll have water tomorrow or not? Worse, what happens when a farmer has land but no water to nurture the crops?...Read More

A Simple Idea that Changed the Fortunes of 4000 People

Bundelkhand is infamously known for its arid weather condition. For decades now, villagers from here have migrated to the cities in search of water sources, enhanced livelihoods, and the possibilities of better lives. They have travelled miles for sustenance, leavingonly the old, infirm and those too young to make the journey behind...Read More