Experience a refreshing local rendition of Coca-Cola’s ‘Taste The Feeling’ global campaign #BrotherlyLove

The Indian market is deep rooted in traditional values, the bond that one shares with the immediate and extended family is felt deeply. There are tales passed on from generations, bonds which speak volumes- irrespective of generations and age differences. The recent campaigns in the industry reflect these very relationship- a father/daughter equation, a grandparent/grandchild, a sibling’s rivalry.

Taking cue from different emotions of love, the ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign elaborates on moments celebrated across continents with a bottle of Coca-Cola being an intrinsic part of the moment. The ‘Brotherly Love’ highlights these memories of crazy happy moments spent with siblings. The unique bond between siblings is almost impossible for an outsider to comprehend – while on one side, there are umpteen knick-knack fights along with friendly and often, not so friendly banter and bickering; the other side, reflects undying support, love and loyalty.

Capturing the unique relationship between brothers; the campaign is a universal story of love and conflict that is intrinsic to the bonds of brotherhood. In India, the campaign has been built while catering to the specific tastes and sensitivities of the audiences in the country.

The background music has been given a unique touch by agency McCann India with Hinglish lyrics specially penned down by the well-known ad-guru and renowned lyricist Prasoon Joshi. The hummable music has been brought to life by Mohit Chauhan’s soulful vocals. The campaign takes on the global version in the nature of playful bullying between the brothers around Coca-Cola with new situations added to bring in freshness to the campaign. It further has suitably depicted the love-hate relationship through both audio and visuals imbibing local flavours to resonate with the audience at large.