Coke India’s Road Ahead on Sustainability: 5 Messages from Venkatesh Kini

Coca-Cola is committed to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. The company believes in the power of partnership between business, government and civil society to create a more sustainable world. Through its sustainability commitments and targets the company is also playing its part in helping to support the Global Goals. One of the starting points for our sustainability initiatives were to help facilitate sustainable development through facilitating economic growth of the country.

1 Water Stewardship

We completely depend on water as raw material for our products and business growth. Therefore, water conservation remains central to our sustainability strategy. As an organization, we are committed to being responsible users of water and by using best-in-class technology, we have reduced our water consumption considerably. Coca-Cola is the first fortune 500 company to replenish all the water it uses globally.

Besides recycling and reusing water, we are consistently identifying and implementing locally appropriate projects that revitalize watersheds and built several water conservation structures.


2 Sustainable Agriculture – Unnati

The Coca-Cola business is closely linked to the farmer community as the Company sources 95% of the ingredients locally, benefitting more than 4,00,000 farmers. The Company’s growth plans will aid an agriculture sector contribution of INR 4,000 crore and lead to 4,00,000+ metric tonnes of annual purchase of fruit by 2023, thus playing an important role in realising the governments focus doubling farmer’s income by 2022.


3  Recover and Recycle

The Company’s efforts to create more sustainable packaging are expected to contribute to the overall goal of reducing the CO2 emissions associated with the “drink in your hand” by 25% by 2020. For sustainability in packaging, we are building a system in which many people, institutions and technologies work together to reduce, redesign, recover, recycle and reuse packaging.


4 Enhancing Retailer Lives – Parivartan

Our another key initiative, Parivartan, gives a fresh impetus to the Skill India agenda by creating an appropriate ecosystem that facilitates imparting employable skills to the growing workforce. Through this programme, the Company has touched the lives of over 3,00,000 small grocery retailers, including 39,000+ women retailers and over 9,500 Eat and Dine retailers at the end of 2015.

We have recently signed a MoU under the strategic partnership to enable over 2.6 million retailers and 5000 distributors in conducting business transactions digitally.


5 Building India’s Future – Support My School

Accessibility to clean drinking water and sanitation issues in schools have always been big impediments for children to have access to the basic education in India. Support My School (SMS) campaign has brought a positive impact in the lives of 200000 students in more than 600 schools till date. We believe that with necessary amenities like access to clean water, appropriate sanitation facility, sports and recreation facilities, in place, schools are able to provide a cleaner and healthier environment more conducive to learning.