Shahana is the district-level badminton champion whose achievements have earned pride for students of the Government Middle School at Shah Pur Nagli village in Haryana.

Located in Nuh, more than 300 km from capital Chandigarh and just about an hour’s drive from the sprawling city of Gurugram, the village school had little by way of facilities. That did not deter Shahana from going for her passion and becoming a budding champion.

If there ever was a reason to celebrate International Women’s Day at this school, it was these feisty young aspirers who are slowly metamorphosing into mighty winners of tomorrow. So, a team from Coca-Cola’s Gurugram office decided to spend some meaningful time with the students on the International Women’s Day- and came back doubly inspired!

What makes these young dreamers even more special for Coca-Cola is the fact that the school has been revitalised through the Support My School programme.

“Dream big and work hard,” Manu Narang Wadhwa, Vice-President, HR, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, lent her advice to the children. She encouraged the students to do whatever it takes to complete their formal education and never give up on their studies.

The school was decked up to welcome the visitors. Since the occasion was International Women’s Day, the fun and frolic followed. 

The Government Middle School at Shah Pur Nagli village is one of 1000 schools that have been revitalised by Coca-Cola since the Support My School programme was launched in 2011. Along with its partners, Coca-Cola help provide basic facilities like water, playgrounds, libraries and toilets. In its next stage, Support My School has now transformed into Mission Recycling and is looking to impact 5000 schools across the country.