You know a country takes its mango seriously when it considers it,‘the king among fruits’. And it’s not just namesake. Like how our forefathers gave their allegiance to kings, we have given ours to this summer fruit that is royally devoured within the country.

India loves the fruit so much that we have known to produce 15000 tons of it in the past!

Available in such abundance in just one season that lasts 3 months, it is natural for us to go absolutely nuts over the fruit. We can go to any lengths to get our hands on ‘petis’ and ‘petis’ motivated by the ‘laalach of aam’. Some others take the shorter route. They just stock up tons of Maaza.

The fruit takes precedence over every other food item in the refrigerator


Alphonsoes travel the country more than Indians do!


Because they are not available everywhere, yet everyone wants it.


Mango is not a tenant, but it has the right to occupy rooms in our households


Deewaro par bhi aam hotay hai.

Friends and siblings have turned foes over the last slice of mango



Delayed passport? Delayed car insurance? Delayed promotion?? Bribe that greedy authority with mango and your work will be done in no time. (Hmmm... a red flag for me, using the word ‘bribe’. Can we say ‘win him over with a box of mangoes?’)




Mango summons the petty thief in us. We will never hesitate to steal one in our mother’s presence.


I will beat you to pulp if I spot you tip-toeing here again!


We will work out at odd hours to burn extra calories so that we don’t feel guilty while binging on the fruit


No kami in commitment


We don’t mind visiting friends who live far off, in places where mangoes are grown


Rest of the year: Sorry bro, couldn’t take your call. Was extreeeemely busy.

We stock up on ‘petis’, or boxes, before the season comes to an end, and preserve the pulp so that we can enjoy the fruit for a little longer.


We dress up to attend weddings in summers only so that we can gorge on aamras-puri!


Varun Dhawan is even willing to ditch his girlfriend for Maaza! Yeh aam pyaar nahi! You can be forgiven for not knowing who Varun is. But not knowing your mango, and your Maaza, is sin!