Growing up in the 1980s, there were some things that defined us all- an entire generation. Icons that were ‘signs of the time,’ that symbolised the way we lived, the way we thought, spoke and felt. Just as art, music and literature collectively shape our culture and ethos, there was an icon that had a deep and everlasting imprint on popular culture during the era. It came in the form of a bottle of beverage that held inside it a promise of ‘happy days’ with ‘food and friends.’

Thums Up- the classic cola brand that brought with it an innate sense of ‘Indianness’ and belonging, was launched in 1977 by its visionary creator, Ramesh Chauhan. Thums Up was never just a cola beverage- it was representative of a generation that loved its cricketers and Bollywood stars, the energy and pizzazz – so full of thunder!

40 years in, the aura hasn’t dimmed. Neither the thunder beclouded, of either the beverage or the man. Ramesh Chauhan is just like the iconic beverage he created- entrenched in the richness of heritage, and full of life, flavour and thunder. A tribute to the man who relayed a sparkling legacy to Coca-Cola in 1993, and gave us his blessings to carry the torch forward

In his own words: “It will always remain number one. That’s the key”

Today, as Thums Up prepares to transcend borders and enter five markets outside India, Coca-Cola bows humbly to the man who showed an entire generation that happy days are here again!