Indians have always loved their doodh. From fun ads about the benefits of milk to using it for beauty purposes to it being used a cure for every conceivable sickness by our grandmothers, milk in India is one of the most loved beverages.

It was but a natural step for Coca-Cola to satisfy this thirst of the Indian consumer. How? Through VIO.

Launched in 2016, VIO is Coca Cola’s way of recognising how deep the roots go when it comes to milk in India. Here’s a sneak peek into why VIO is the perfect addition to Coca Cola’s beverage portfolio in the Indian market.

Desi flavours for desi drinkers

For every person who likes their chocolate-flavoured milk, there are 10 who love their Kesar (saffron) and Badaam (almond) flavoured milk. It took Cocal Cola’s R&D centre in Gurgaon along with inputs fromthe R&D teams in Atlanta and Shanghai to finally settle on these two flavours that are loved by the Indian palate. It is the perfect case of global research to add to Indian taste.

I love my India

Coca-Cola understood that dairy is a big market in India, with milk firmly rooted in Indian tradition. Entering this category meant developing a drink that would be enjoyed by Indians across the board. It was with this understanding of the Indian consumer, that VIO was launched with the Kesar (saffron) and Badaam (almond) flavours.

It’s all local

All VIO drinks use milk and other ingredients sourced from local dairy farmers and vendors in the country. Yep, VIO is helping the domestic economy grow at the grass root level while delivering some delicious flavours for you. It’s a win-win all around!

It’s all about you!

When Coca-Cola creates a new beverage, you and the occasion for consuming these drinks is always kept in mind. When VIO was launched, it aimed to to establish new occasions for consumption by today’s modern Indian. Even VIO’s packaging has been designed taking into account the Indian who is on the go and enjoys their milk.

Digital desh

Even the availability of VIO was kept in line with how the country is functioning today with its Digital India programme! VIO was first made available in major metropolitans through e-commerce Websites and a few modern trade outlets. Only after that were the traditional distribution routes taken to further make sure consumers could get access to the drink anywhere.