We just thought we would put together a roundup of some of the most interesting tweets from some of the craziest Maaza fans. Maaza is now in its 40th year of being, so what’s the hram in a bit of reflection and self indulgence..

This girl exhausted all her lovey-dovey smileys over her public display of affection for the latest Maaza ad featuring Varun and Samantha Prabhu.

Chaar lines ki zaroorat kaha jab doh lines hi kaafi hai. Poetry comes easy to a Maaza fan like this dude.

We would like to witness this battle to the finish between Maaza and ‘hungry’

We have a bizarre reason to believe that this dude loves getting random people on the street drunk on Maaza

Daddy ji, aam k laalach par zaara control kijiye, warna agli baar mummy ji pitayi kar degi!

That awkward moment when a fan ‘wants to drink you’ his Maazaa

We believe you, because Maaza is THE reason why we go to work....It pays our salary

Dr Schizo Phir Na Aana’s recommendation: This dude needs to meet real people.

Are you reading this, Mr Economist and Mr Agriculture Minister? Maaza is the solution to our mango trade deficit problems.

Maaza –the solution to drinking problems for Indians since 1970s

How does Maaza turn special for you? You can tell us about your Maaza experiences and we will love you even more. If you can surprise us with your ways of loving Maaza, be ready for a surprise fromus too. Promise!