What do all the beverages like Limca, Thums Up, Minute Maid, Maaza, Glucocharge, Powerade, Sprite, Sprite Juicy+, Fanta, Fanta Juicy+ have in common? They are all Coca-Cola products!

Yes! The Coca-Cola Company’s product portfolio is diverse; from Colas to sparkling water, juice, bottled water, soda, tea, coffee, the offerings are numerous and varied. This iconic beverage company that came into existence in 1886 in Atlanta, has grown manifold ever since and operates in more than 200 countries and territories.

The Coca-Cola Company made its re-entry into India in 1993 and together with Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages and franchise bottling partners, formed the Coca-Cola India system. It has since then seen spectacular growth and has become India’s leading beverage company. It has evolved by not only offering a range of safe, high quality and refreshing beverage options but also providing a great drinking experience to consumers.

Presently, Coca-Cola India that is absolutely passionate about beverages, has numerous products across categories including water, coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices, dairy products, sports drinks, and zero or low-calorie beverages.

Fizz all the way

With numerous, sparkling beverage options in their kitty, like the most loved and popular uplifting drink Coca-Cola, or the refreshing and clear Sprite, the company has always kept up with the consumer’s evolving expectations. Home-grown indigenous beverages like Thums Up and Limca, for example, were added to suit the Indian palate. The company has also been offering a wide range of options in the low sugar category, by making the experience for the conscious consumers with variants like Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Light.


Evolution of Juice and juice-based beverages with a localization focus

In order to cater to the evolving needs of its consumers, and expand its footing Coca-Cola India stepped into producing great tasting juices made from real fruits.

Maaza, India’s most loved mango juice since the last four decades,  has been mesmerising mango lovers  with  its sweet, smooth, thick superior and unmatched Alphonso mango indulgence; symbolising the true spirit of mangoes. Since its launch in 1976 Maaza has evolved into a master brand. While Maaza Refresh is a pocket-friendly, light, and on-the-go beverage, Maaza Gold is a richer, smoother and a more indulgent option for the ardent mango lovers.

While the company already had pole position in the juice segment with its flagship brand Maaza, Minute Maid that was launched in 2007, only added to the offering!  Minute Maid made the most of the diversity of iconic fruits that are grown in India and came up with their first variant from the Minute Maid portfolio; the Minute Maid Pulpy Orange which is now one of India’s leading juice brands. Today, Minute Maid has expanded to variants like mixed fruit, litchi, guava, apple and much more.

Over the last two years, the company has expanded its beverage portfolio, segment-wise. It has focused on customer feedback, offered beverages to match changing preferences and has gone hyperlocal to create opportunities for the local bottling partners. With optimized manufacturing and a strong distribution network at the grassroots level, Coca-Cola India is transforming itself to become a total beverage company with local roots.

To offer options that appeal to regional tastes, Coca-Cola India has introduced region-specific products. For example, Minute Maid Colour, a juice-based sparkling beverage, made with real black grape juice, was an offering especially for consumers in Tamil Nadu.

The introduction of Minute Maid Apple Sparkle is another such initiative to promote a ‘fruit circular economy’ and source locally grown fruit pulp. For Apple Sparkle, the company sources delicious apples from the lush orchards of Kashmir. Minute Maid Guava, Litchi and Litchi are wholesome fruit juices made from locally sourced produce. The Company’s ‘Unnati Litchi’ initiative in Bihar is an effort towards starting a virtuous cycle of ‘fruit circular economy’ in the region. The expansion of the Minute Maid portfolio and the launches of Minute Maid Nutriforce range and Minute Maid Vita Punch range, are in line with the company’s aim to become India’s first choice in the Fruit Nutrition category.  

Coca-Cola India also expanded its juice-based beverage portfolio and introduced a fresh range of carbonated beverages, with the goodness of real fruit juice, with Sprite Juicy+ and Fanta Juicy+. The company launched another fun, exciting and innovative product range, Rani Float, offering beverages with real fruit chunks and scaled up its ethnic flavour offerings with an innovative and traditional beverage called, RimZim, spiced jeera soda, reintroduced in 2018. In short, the company is committed to raising the bar for refreshment in the Indian market!

What’s more, with Coca-Cola India consumers get to taste the goodness of their favourite seasonal fruits all year round!

Hydrating at every step

As the company forayed into the hydration category in 2000, with Kinley, it assured its consumers of clean and safe drinking water and kept the promise. This, later on, topped the charts to become a trusted blockbuster water brand for the company. The beverage has become a favourite due to its commitment to both quality and unmatched excellence. The company continued to expand the hydration category and introduced variants with fizz like Schweppes Soda, Kinley Soda and some playful flavours like Schweppes Ginger Ale as aerated options in the category. Later, the company added glacéau smartwater, a vapour-distilled water with electrolytes added for taste, and India soon became the 4th largest market globally for this brand.

Apart from pure water and aerated options in this category, the company has launched beverages like Powerade, a beverage fit for sports enthusiasts with glucose, fructose and essential electrolytes. Powerade is the perfect fuel for athletes, while Aquarius Glucocharge, enriched with glucose and sucrose is tailor-made to suit the hot and humid Indian climate and help one recharge and replenish quickly.


Expansion into other categories

Georgia offers a range of premium hot and cold beverages, including freshly brewed coffee, hot pre-mix flavoured tea, coffee, iced tea and cold coffee, through its vending machines. The company also recently expanded its hot beverages category, through the acquisition of Costa Coffee.

With ‘instant’ being the new norm, The Coca-Cola Company has adopted a new strategy to ensure that its beverages are ‘within an arm's reach of desire’ in the digital age. According to James Quincey, CEO, The Coca-Cola Company, "The digital revolution is changing that expression. Now it's going to be about putting a Coke within a click's reach of desire. Digital tools simply give consumers another way to express their choice and another way for us to meet their needs."