Have you seen the all-new Fanta? Well, it’s just got a facelift. And it’s fantastic! The brand that derives its name from the German word ‘Fantasie,’ meaning imagination, has once again let its creative juices flow to captivate its young audience.

The youth’s favourite, Fanta now has an evolved look, with a new logo, graphics and colour palette. It comes in an array of vibrant, bold visuals featuring vivid graphics and a range of fun, simple slogans that appeal to youngsters.

What’s interesting is that in the day and age of digital designing, this new logo has been crafted in a rather unique manner. It’s been designed on hand cut paper and eventually transformed into a digital logo to depict movement and spontaneity, and to celebrate the new Fanta formula.

If you notice, the second ‘A’ in the new logo now contains a hidden smile – a wink to Fanta’s irreverent and fun brand personality.

The bottle now features a new colour palette of a vibrant blue, green and white, supporting the classic Fanta orange that’s designed to create impact on shelf. The new 3D look is bold and eye-catching and has already been doing great on the international shelves.

What’s more…Fanta’s new variants like the Fruity Orange will also contain more locally sourced fruit juice and lesser added sugar. And it’s only going to become more natural now!

“Fanta has always been fun, bold and vibrant, and now we’re making it more unique and natural too,” says Aparna Bhawal, Senior Marketing Manager - Fanta, India & Southwest Asia.

Every now and then, Fanta presents the zesty taste in a new look. Over the years, it’s evolved itself to blend with the changing times and once again, Fanta has re-invented itself to stay the talk of town amongst the youngsters.

“The new Visual Identity System (VIS) shows that the brand has aged up a bit, talking more to teenagers than just the tweens,” adds Bhawal.

Ever since the inception of its zingy orangey flavour in 1955, Fanta has always been the fruitiest and boldest taste for the youth. Since its introduction, Fanta has become a much-loved brand amongst teens, recognised for its fun and vibrant style. Today, Fanta is enjoyed by fans around the world and is available in 190 markets.