Have you ever wished you had an assistant all to yourself? Someone who could instantly pull out the information you needed or help you book a cab or flight tickets or humour you when you need a serving of some funny jokes? Look no further than your smartphone. Haptik is a smart digital personal assistant that can be downloaded for free from Android and iOS app stores.

Sprite felt the right synergy and a great fit with Haptik. What followed was a befitting association.

Haptik helps cut through much bakwaas and gets you what you want. Just like the way a Sprite drinker prefers. Sprite has collaborated with Haptik. Call it the coming together of two simple ideas.

For those who use news apps, besides news it brings a whole host of new features—making payments for electricity and direct-to-home (DTH), getting a reminder or setting an alarm, booking select cab services and even recharging their mobile.

So if you like Sprite, you may like Haptik too for its simplicity of usage and smartness to find you what you are looking for. A perfect example of ‘Seedhi baat, no bakwaas’ Clear hai?