Lavanya has been a busy homemaker in the run up to the Sankranti festival. She has been running around to complete the decoration of the house with flowers. The colours of rangoli, that adorns her house also tells the story of her effort. Amongst all this, she takes her indulgent pauses with Maaza which keep her in a good mood and she keeps up with all the responsibilities with a smile.

She has grown up with her favourite mango drink and the same colour now dominates the festivities at her home.

Like it is for millions of others, Sankranti is special for Lavanya and her family. It is time for sweets to be made at home that her family relishes. She too has grown up with them – ariselu, made of rice flour and jaggery and other delicacies like bobatlu and burelu add to the festivities.

With such home-made delicacies, Maaza has traditionally been the accompaniment at her home. As it is for Lavanya’s family, India’s number one mango drink always adds to the special moments for others too.

As her family stepped out of their Hyderabad home for several hours, they got together for the traditional Bhogi manta fire, the family also took time to ride the bullock cart.

At home and outside, it is always great to indulge herself with Maaza. Since her childhood, it always has. “We do not need a reason for Maaza, since I have grown up with it since childhood. It has always been part of my family,” Lavanya says.

Sankranti is one of the biggest festivals in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and is celebrated every year to mark the beginning of Uttarayana, that is the movement of the sun towards north of the equator. Traditionally, it marks the beginning of the harvest season, one reason why the bullock cart ride is part of the tradition. Millions of families like Lavanya’s add Maaza to go with the traditional delicacies made at home.

In neighbouring Tamil Nadu, the festival is called Pongal and celebrates the harvest of rice, sugarcane, turmeric and other cereals vital to the culinary culture of the state. It is about the food and that is why the cooking of the traditional foods are so important during the festival season. All homes are decorated with kolam or designs using rice flour and red clay.

Pongal and Sankranti are the biggest festivals in south India and Maaza has always been part of the celebrations for the people. Maaza understands the value of these festivals in the life of consumers and hence has always been present in their moments of festive indulgence.