show of hands- for all the parents out there reading this article (and I am one amongst you, may i add) how many of you have ever felt overwhelmingly outwitted or just plain defeated when it comes to winning an argument with your kids? or even getting them to partially admit to the faint possibility that your point of view may not be as ridiculous as their faces depict? i’ve got both hands in the air by the way and I am waving them at you right now in a show of solidarity

so clearly, you are not alone.  in fact, i think we may have become a sizeable organisation by now. so where are we going wrong? or are we just waging a hopeless battle against the might of changing hormones and stubborn tantrums? fret not, for there is hope.

smartwater and TED Talks- the platform where smart minds come together to share wisdom on matters that matter invited Shelja Sen- child psychologist, family therapist and author to help us hapless ones.  in the below video, Shelja helps us face the not-so-easily-digestible truth – it’s not them, it’s us! she reminds us that parenting is actually about our growing up and reminding ourselves that we should become more sensitive, conscious and mindful human beings. she also talks about whether parenting can actually be taught, and gives advice on parental guidance to media-savvy children.

hold on- before you throw your hands up in the air in desperation claiming that you will never understand this generation, Shelja gives you some brownie points too. she also advises kids to give their parents a chance on the basis that we have greyed our hair (and lost a lot of it) to gain invaluable life experience over the years. to thoda humara bhi sunna banta hai y’all ! (ok, so I can’t pull off slang, but heck at least i’m trying)

all this and much more- watch the video below: