smartwater brings you ideas worth spreading- presenting #TEDTalksIndiaNayiSoch, premiering on STAR Plus 

he who learns from the words of the smart, is the smartest one of all. and when all that intelligence oozes freely through your  television screen directly into your home, word to the wise is- gulp it down!

in context of these pearls of wisdom, TED Talks – the platform for spreading ideas worth sharing- is like Manna from heaven! a programme hosted by a gentleman who inspires wit and wolf whistle alike, in conversation with equally alluring personalities. call me a name dropper but the fabulous list of guests will include the likes of the developer of delectable delights Vikas Khanna;  the bespectacled and brilliant  Sundar Pichai; the ever-entertaining Karan Johar; the sovereign ruler of soap operas Ekta Kapoor and many more.

and in what one might arguably call a hand-to-glove fit, smartwater is partnering with STAR Plus to bring the show to you every Sunday at 7PM.  i mean what better than water inspired by the clouds to give wings to your flights of fancy!

smartwater and STAR Plus- giving new definition to the term smart TV!