A small idea can change the world!

Coca-Cola is in the process of enhancing its manufacturing technology by using ErgoBloc-a small idea that has made a big change at its bottling plants in India.This technology has helped save electricity and water, while increasing speed and maximising output.

Earlier, the process required the blown bottles to be conveyed through long air rails which involved consumption of electricity. Also, the filled bottles were warmed with hot water spray thus consuming a good amount of water.

But with ErgoBloc technology, the bottles do not have to be passed through the air conveying rails, and within a block, they reach the filling machine.

Subsequently, the filling happens at a much higher temperature (15-17 degrees Celsius) than the earlier process. Thus the product warming process has been eliminated, which saves a good amount of water.

At Coca-Cola we understand the importance of saving our resources today and consider ourselves responsible for shaping tomorrow. After all, a stitch in time saves nine!