Choices! This summer, consumers across states will have plenty of them as they look for options for hydration.

Three flavours – lemon, apple and orange – of Aquarius Glucocharge, the enhanced hydration product, have been lapped up by consumers. Two new flavours – lichee and mango – are finding their way to the shelves, making the beverage offering more compelling. The light-on-the-pocket pricing- ₹10 for all variants, has made it a very affordable enhanced hydration beverage, perfectly suited for everyone working hard, outdoors or indoors.

The flavours of Aquarius Glucocharge will be available at modern retail outlets as well as neighbourhood ‘mom & pop’ stores. The beverage is available in 200 ml packs.

“For the beverage, we are adding new flavours that are loved by the consumers. This summer, they can choose from a wider range across several states,” Reetima Rakyan, Vice President, Customer & Alternate Revenue Streams, Coca-Cola India and South-West Asia said.

With the launch of the new flavours, the distribution team has been working hard to take the exciting beverage to new locations. Having introduced it in May 2018, Aquarius Glucocharge has since been launched in Assam and Orissa.

“Considering that we are not into the peak season yet, the response has been good,” Ankush Choudhury of Aassa Consortium, distributors for the brand in Assam said on phone. The family has been in the distribution business in the north-east for nearly three decades.

Aggressive sampling of the product during the Tamil Nadu Premier League and the Karnataka Premier League T20 cricket tournament has also added wings to the brand in other states.

Former Indian cricket captain Saurav Ganguly introduced the beverage to consumers in Kolkata when it was launched in West Bengal. It added another important geography for the beverage, which is only about a year old in the market. The sampling activities have set the stage for the beverage to make it to other states.

“While we launch new flavours of the beverage, we are evaluating options to launch the innovative product across several other states too,” Reetima said.

Goodness of juice, minerals

For the summers it is as perfect an option for enhanced hydration as consumers can ask for. Packed with glucose, essential minerals like potassium, sodium and calcium, it also has fruit juice. Prime Minister Modi had urged beverage companies to add juices to their products so that farmers could get the benefit. Coca-Cola has been keeping up to the clarion call from the Prime Minister.

The labs at Coca-Cola have specifically developed the formulation for the beverage for Indian consumers who toil in the heat and need instant rehydration to overcome exhaustion. The non-carbonated, low-sugar beverage will help consumers to ‘Rehydrate, Replenish and Recharge’ at an affordable offering. It hopes to reach out to millions of Indians who do not have access to quality beverages in delightful flavours.

Coca-Cola India is manufacturing Aquarius Glucocharge through its network of co-packers, marketing and distributing it directly through a network of super-stockists and sub-distributors.

The strategic extension of the portfolio is in line with Coca-Cola’s journey towards becoming a ‘Total Beverage Company.’ With that vision, Coca-Cola hopes to build a consumer-centric portfolio of brands suited to unique consumer preferences. As part of its strategy, several beverages unique to specific regions in India are also being developed and launched.