Determining the hydration needs of sportspersons can be a challenge, as they are dependent on variable factors, such as the weather and type of sport. When it is action time and the athlete is focused on the sport, it is tough to determine accurately how much fluid is required to keep the body well hydrated.

This is where the Powerade P3 machine comes to the sportspersons’ rescue. It helps measure and analyse the fluid that an athlete’s body needs and accordingly dispenses fluid from the machine. The real-time hydration sensor capability of the machine understands the loss of electrolytes, energy and water specific for each sportsperson.

The advanced sports hydration, driven by the Powerade P3 machine, is now the next level of hydration, adding edge to sportspersons’ abilities.


If the athlete seeks information after their exercise schedule, the machine can inform how much water would have been lost. While the sportsperson’s hydration needs may be based on an estimation of the fluid lost due to sweat, the P3 machine helps precisely replace it in real time.

 This is exactly where the Powerade P3 machine has an invaluable role. Its intelligent system is designed to provide optimal hydration for the sportsperson by measuring the current hydration level.

Trainers often spend a lot of time preparing beverages with the right mix for each sportsperson, especially in team sports. With the P3 machine, they can focus on other aspects of training while the machine can take care of the task.

Measuring the right dosage of fluids is another challenge that sportspersons face. By making it precise, the P3 machine takes away the element of guesswork. Now, customising fluid intake for each player can be done on the fly.


The Powerade P3 machine can create 250 variants of the fluid, depending on the specific need for athletes. After getting some basic data in the athlete, the predictive algorithm of the P3 machine gets down to work. For professional teams, the P3 machine, co-developed with The Sports Office, can be attached to athletic management systems too.

At the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019, consumers and athletes experienced the efficiency of the P3 Machine. The athletic management system has a special hydration module that helped prepare the right fluid for sportspersons.