Frozen fruit desserts could soon be a sizzling hot choice for the consumer.

 Coca-Cola is ready to launch the Minute Maid Perfect Fruit with strawberry and blueberry which will be followed by Indian flavours of Mango and Litchi. The pilot test of the frozen dessert has been carried out at a number of locations in Bangalore in service size of 100 ml and 50 ml and the product could soon be ready for consumers ahead for summer next year.

Minute Maid Perfect Fruit is a sugar free, zero- fat, non-dairy frozen dessert that offers consumers of all ages a perfect choice to relish the fruit snack on the go. Made from real fruit, the new offering from Coca-Cola India has the consistency of an ice-cream and is dispensed from a customised machine.

Once the rollout plan is finalised, Minute Maid Perfect Fruit will be launched across several metropolitan cities. Nearly 25 locations each in the top 10 cities across India will get to first experience the taste.

It will target those who enjoy ice creams and frozen desserts and presents a healthier variant for them. Consumers who are at work, colleges, out for entertainment at malls and eateries will have the option to savour the product.

Speaking on the occasion, T. Krishnakumar, President, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia said, Coca-Cola is on a transformational journey towards becoming a total beverages company by enhancing its offerings to the world. Coca-Cola India’s relentless effort around the virtuous fruit circular economy, an initiative of using a variety of Indian fruits, is on its way to give better business results. Our linkages with the Indian agri-economy continue to grow strong and we continue to expand our product portfolio by utilising locally grown fruits to create new flavours. Further, our entry into the beverage plus category is a part of our portfolio expansion strategy with Minute Maid Perfect Fruit being the first milestone in this transformational journey. We believe that our efforts will help catalyse the country’s fruit processing industry by creating demand through new products and investments, ultimately generating new opportunities for farmers, local suppliers and retailers.”

After Australia, India is the second market where Perfect Fruit is being introduced. If it is lapped up by consumers, it could become the biggest market for the innovative product.

Coca-Cola India is now focusing on beverage plus products, driving the demand for products made from locally sourced fruits. For the virtuous fruit circular economy, it is trying to create an extended value chain for fruits grown in farms across India. It has recently launched new variants of Minute Maid fruit juices. A variety of beverage plus products for several local fruits are being planned as part of its initiative.