And we aren’t the ones saying so! Many people who tasted the juices while sampling them at World Food India 2017 are saying this.

According to Deepak Goel, Minute Maid’s Gritty Guava flavour is just ‘amazing.’ “It has just the right consistency and the right amount of sugar,” he said, adding that he loved it so much, he’d probably have it in the morning with his breakfast.

For Sunil however, it was Minute Maid Anar that he loved the most. When we asked him how often he’d have it, he declared that he was already having it almost every day in the morning. Now that’s something even we weren’t expecting!

Simran Patheja’s favourite was the new Pulpy Mosambi because for him, that tastes like the original Mosambi and he’d certainly recommend it to others. He found the taste refreshing and thought it would be best to have it chilled on a sunny afternoon.

But one of the most interesting reactions was that of Rajiv…he genuinely did not expect it to be so real and pulpy in taste. He even went on to say that he’d tried the popular flavours of many other brands but found Minute Maid to be the most authentic in taste. He also loved litchi and was happy to find the sweetness ‘just right.’ “I really think it’s perfect and very close to the fruit itself in taste.”

It was quite warming to see Palak’s reaction too. “I just loooooove Minute Maid…Pulpy Orange is my favourite juice and I can have it any time, any day! I’d certainly give it 10/10,” declared an excited Palak.

Well, now that you’ve read what others think about the amazing new flavours…how about trying them on your own and telling us what you think of them!