For a decade now, orange lovers of the country have enjoyed the delightfully natural, juicy and pulpy taste of Minute Maid. And there is a lot that goes into maintaining this amazing taste and consistency in all Minute Maid bottles. Here’s how the taste and texture are maintained:

  1. The concentrated juice and sacks prepared from fresh oranges are supplied separately in hygienically-packed frozen form (at -18 degree Celsius) to maintain quality and freshness while in transit; also preventing any external contamination. The frozen juice and sacks undergo ambient thawing in a hygienic environment inside the plant before being blended to get the pulpy juice concentrate.
  2. After thawing, the concentrated juice and sacks are taken to a beverage blending tank where a specially-designed agitator ensures the intactness and consistency of orange pulp and prevents it from settling down at the bottom. During these processes, the pulpy juice concentrate is effectively blended with sugar syrup and water in the same tank. Thus the blended beverage is ready with right proportions of juice and pulp.
  3. The pump which transfers this beverage is called a positive displacement pump. This too, ensures pulp intactness throughout the process lines. Next, the beverage passes through a pasteuriser in which it is heated up to 96 degree Celsius to ensure its safety till it reaches the consumer. The pasteurised beverage is then filled in bottles maintaining its pulpy consistency in every bottle. Next, the bottles are cooled down to room temperature for further secondary packing and distribution.

Thus, the beverage undergoes a series of quality checks before and after it is packed into the bottles. The formulation of the output ensures that on shaking the bottle once, the pulp remains in suspension and takes time to settle again, thus giving you the pulpy experience in every sip!