1.) What have been some of your earliest memories of Limca?

Lime and lemony (laughs) I live in Mumbai where the climate is predominantly summery and the best way to beat the heat has always been a bottle of chilled Limca! It’s an instant refresher and energy booster.

2.) Limca is associated with freshness or taazgi- what refreshes you the most after a hectic day of shooting?

A nice, chilled bottle of Limca first and foremost. A great workout also does wonders- I love kick boxing or a simple 5K run and functional training. After a hectic day of shooting though, nothing is more relaxing than to chill at home in my PJs watching a good show on Netflix- with my Limca of course!

3.) Brand ambassadors are often seen as epitomising the brand they endorse. How do you see a synergy with Limca?

Not many people know my love for lemon, I use lemon to add taste to all my meals and so when the brand approached me I was over the moon! Imagine endorsing a lemon beverage to top it off! Limca is known for its freshness and that’s me, zesty and fresh like my brand, we share the same core values and personality!  

4.) Limca has been publishing the Limca Book of Records since 1990. Are you a fan of the book?

Absolutely! Limca Book of Records has always been a very aspirational property. It’s a great platform that gives a boost to talent across India and allows them to showcase their unique capabilities. For me, it’s the perfect coffee table book which is about discovering the unique, fascinating and incredible skills of Indians. The cinema section particularly appeals to me (for obvious reasons!) and I will go out on a limb and say that it’s already an aspiration for me to feature in the book!

5.) Finally, you are representative of the younger generation, and Limca is a brand that has been around for a while- since 1971. How do you think the brand has managed to retain its ‘freshness’ to stay relevant for the younger consumers?

In India, the traditional nimbu-paani has been one of the most popular beverages- especially during the sweltering summers. The lemon flavour of Limca is loved by all age groups and satiates the Indian palate with its perfect mix of sweet and sour. I would also say that the ads have always managed to appeal to the younger generations, be it the choice of protagonists or situations. For me, Limca is a beverage that is essentially timeless!