Love mangoes round the year? Want the juice to be richer and smoother than ever before? Clearly, you are among the millions of Indians who love their mango drink.

Maaza is now raising the bar. For the perennial mango fan, India’s most loved mango drink is launching Maaza Gold. It could be so indulging that falling in love with it will hardly be an option.

If you are familiar with the Maaza taste, this could be perfect for you. It will be available in a packaging that will be different than before. For those looking for the drooling taste, buying it will be very easy. It will also be available through the modern retail trade, upmarket grocery stores and for online purchase.

The one-litre tetra pack offering is also designed to ensure that the indulgence should not stop with just a few sips. As your taste buds savour the rich juice, that indulgent feeling will help you unwind like never before.

If you are the one who is running around 24X7 and are looking to relax with a glass of cold mango drink, Maaza Gold could be the perfect choice. Pick up a chilled pack of Maaza Gold. And then relax. Unwind. Little wonder we are choosing to call it the most indulgent mango drink than ever before. In short, sip to surrender!

It need not be consumed always as juice only. If you so choose, you can use Maaza Gold with milk for a never-before taste of mango shake. And since the juice is thick, if you are the ice cream lover, it will make for the perfect topping too.

Launched in the 1970s, Maaza is India’s oldest mango beverage and has been the first choice of the consumer for over 40 years. It is available for consumption in glass bottles, PET and tetra packs.