Ah, those sweet memories when we made colorful rangolis on every inch of available ground in the house, only to end up with most of the colour on ourselves! The gentle reproach of grandma and timely save by ma- only to end up doing it all over again!

Pongal is one such festival associated with the delightful activity of making rangoli. To celebrate the cherished emotions during the festival of Pongal, Maaza launched a campaign in Tamil capturing that unforgettable nostalgia.

The 45-second campaign, with three generations of a family, talks about how Maaza, rangoli and festivities go hand in hand. Happiness time is festival time and Maaza is a part of the family’s festivities.

So go ahead, spark your creativity and bring out your fun side with a sip of your favorite mango drink and relive those colourful memories. Pongal Vazhthakal!