Remember the time you got up early, excited that the day had finally come when you could take out your favorite colourful kite and fly it with your sibling? Remember the thrill of throwing it as high up in the air as your legs could leap, tugging away at that piece of string like you were wielding a magician’s wand? The jubilation of sinking your rival’s kite, and the disappointment on seeing your own come down!

Flying of kites almost symbolizes Makara Sankranti. A recently launched Maaza campaign celebrates the joy of kite flying, while indulging in the richness of the most-loved mango drink.

While the video may be in Telugu, everyone who has ever flown a kite with their own will surely be able to associate with the universal emotions of shared revelry. So, with a refreshing swig of Maaza, take a trip down memory lane to those glorious, golden days, reliving the excitement with your family!