Jaspreet Singh Kalra is not often known by his official name. But ask someone about ‘Rubber Man’, a name given by Limca Book of Records and they have heard of him!

That name has now stuck with Jaspreet Singh Kalra of Ludhiana, Punjab. In the busy industrial town, Jaspreet has become a household name because, it appears, he can twist his body in any way he wants. Well, just about any way.

His parents were unaware of the special qualities of Rubber Man. When his name, and photographs, started appearing in the local newspapers they realised their son was special.

Rubber Man got a sense of his special skills early. His selection for yoga classes, where he stood second in his very first competition, gave a sense of what was to come. Since then, he has worked hard for his skills to be developed into a performance sport, called contortion.

The art of contortion is an extreme physical sport and the body requires extreme fitness. The dramatic ways in which the body can made flexible is something that captivates people. The practitioners sometimes present their skills live before an audience and contortionists’ performances draw huge audiences around the world.

His amazing feat has won him recognition from the Limca Book of Records.