It takes a lot of perseverance to make a world record. It may require several years of practice for some while others may just be blessed with the natural ability to achieve the feat. Sometimes, it requires extraordinary skills and physical ability to achieve that.

But the archives of Limca Book of Records have recorded instances when someone has been still for over one full day to make it for a world record. While amazing physical endurance helps make a record, the ability to stay still tests a different kind of endurance.

When a group of people decide to walk around the world, as a mission of their life, to spread the word of peace, it is not just endurance, it is also about conviction and belief in oneself.

Here are some interesting records from the archives of Limca Book of Records, which tell the story of human endurance and perseverance.

Standing Still to Make a World Record


Akshintala Seshu Babu (b July 24, 1971) of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, currently a resident of Mayur Vihar, Delhi, stood motionless dressed as Mahatma Gandhi for 35 hr 22min from 10.30 am on Jan 26, 2015 to 11.30 pm at Nadar Mahajana Sangam, Vellaichamy Nadar College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu on Jan 27, 2015. During these hours, there was no support, no facial movements except blinking of eyes. He could have continued without any problem but an insect bite led to 1 hr 38 sec break from the total 37 hr feat.

World’s Longest Ever Walk for Peace


Mahendra Pratap, MD of Yuva Jagriti International Jan Jagran Anterved Sewa Sansthan along with Awadh Bihari Lal, Govind Nand, Vijay Shankar and Jitendra Pratap of Lucknow, UP launched a World Padyatra (walk) for peace starting from Kanyakumari with 20 members on July 30, 1980. Since then the padyatra has continued in India and neighbouring countries like Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China covering 2.9 lakh km till June 3, 2015. In a day they walk 40 km. In the course of the peace walk, they have planted three crore trees! Their target is to cover 300,000 km in the next four years.

Largest Students’ Marathon


Considered the world’s largest racing event for school children, the 20th edition of the Salwan Cross Country Run was organised at the Army Equestrian Centre, Delhi Cantonment on Nov 2, 2014. It had the participation of more than 50,000 students from 800 schools from all over India, including 1,800 visually challenged and 200 mentally challenged children. The run also used GPS-based chip technology and multiple cameras to track the distance covered by participants and to ensure fair play. The theme for the 2014 run was ‘Believe in Yourself’. Inder Dutt, Chairman of Salwan School, started the Salwan Marathon with a core team of six people in 1995.

Most Participants in a Hill Marathon


Mount Girnar (1,031 m) in Junagadh, Gujarat has been a venue for hill marathon competitions for 44 years since 1971. On Jan 4, 2015, the Junagadh District Administration under Collector and DM Alok Kumar, organised a 4,336.5 m long ascending marathon to MtGirnar with 2,122 participants. They included men and women of 16 to 50 years. The run started at 7.30am and finished at 10.30 am. It was held to raise tourism awareness in society and inculcate a sense of sportsmanship, adventure and team spirit.

Dawn-to-Dusk Run & Cycle Marathon


Dawn to Dusk, a 12-hr run-and-cycle marathon was conducted by Neville Jamshed Bilimoria, together with 6,300 Chennaites to raise funds for Bal Sanjeevani Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Centre on Jan 5, 2014. The marathon started at 8.30 am from IIT Madras with a 6-hr run followed by a second flag-off at 2.30 pm for the 6-hr non-stop cycling from IIT Madras to Mahabalipuram and back to Radisson Blu Hotel GRT. Neville ran 51 km followed by 156 km cycling, covering a total distance of 207 km in 12 hr. The event raised Rs 64,95,401 for Bal Sanjeevani.

Longest Magic Marathon


Ramyasri Gunturu of Hyderabad performed a non-stop magic show titled ‘Ramyendrajaal’ for 12 hr from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm at Sundaraiah Kala Nilayam, Bagh Lingampally on Jan 27, 2014. First 12-hr magic marathon by a woman, her programme highlighted 12 public issues like women’s empowerment, water conservation and saving trees. Her fete included close-up magic, conjuring, mentalism and other illusionary tricks. Ramyasri who learned magic from her father Magician Raghu Babu, has received titles like Indrajaal Ratna, Indrajaal Siromani, Jadoo Ratna and many national and international awards.

Non-Stop Static Cycling for 104 hours


HT Media Ltd (Fever 104 FM) and Vodafone India Ltd conducted a 104-hr non-stop static cycling event at Forum Mall, Koramangala, Bengaluru with 206 participants, starting at 11.32 am on Feb 4, 2015 and concluding at 7.32 pm on Feb 8, 2015. Using three static cycles, they pedalled 5,913 km.