Shiva Shankar is a cricket fan who regularly takes part in contests that take place around the time when the Indian Premier League (IPL) is on. Every IPL season, whenever there is a match in Hyderabad, he tries his best to watch it in the stadium.

Along with friends, he has taken part in several contests and has also won prizes on many occasions.


Little wonder, the moment he heard of the ‘ICC Crick and Coke’ contest, he bought a Thums Up PET bottle, and was eager to take part. He has now been chosen as one of the lucky winners who will be travelling as guests of Coca-Cola to watch the final match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

The David Warner and SRH fan said that he is hoping that England and India will clash in the finals. Such is his passion for the game that he has already watched nearly 10 IPL matches.

“I am eagerly waiting for my travel to happen. My dream was to watch the IPL final. Thanks to Coca-Cola, I have done even better and I am now watching the ICC Cricket World Cup final. It is more than a dream come true for me,” the 29-year-old Shiva Shankar said on the phone from Hyderabad.

When Shiva Shankar first told his parents that he had won the contest and would soon by flying to London, they refused to believe him. At the planning stage of the trip, when emails were exchanged, they realised that it was true. Now that his passport has the visa stamped, the reality has sunk in for the entire family.

Shiva Shankar with his friends

“My colleagues at work are as excited as I am. I am hoping it will be a tough contest and India can win the final,” Shiva Shankar said.

'Luckiest person'

Just like Shiva Shankar, P Murali Mohan’s family too could not believe that their son had been selected as one of the winners of the countrywide contest which has cricket fans excited.

His friends went a step further. They even told him that someone was playing a prank with him and the email that he had received was not real.

But 27-year-old Murali knew that he had taken part in the contest. He had been communicating with the team that was handling it and knew that at the right time everyone would know the reality. That is what has now happened.

Murali is now preparing to pack his bags for the exciting three-week trip.

“I have been a hockey player and also watch cricket often because I find it exciting,” Murali said while speaking on the phone.


His brother, who stays with him, declared him the ‘luckiest person’ when he got to know of his victory. The friends who had initially not believed it, are now helping him plan the trip.

While Murali Mohan and Shiva Shankar are getting ready for their dream trip, there are others who had also been as lucky. But, by a strange twist of fate, they are unable to go for this trip to watch the final for various reasons. Nevertheless, they are following the fortunes of the Indian cricket team.

When contacted, another winner- Sandeep Kumar from Hyderabad said that there was some very urgent work that he has to attend to around the dates for the World Cup final so he has chosen to opt out.

Nevertheless, the excitement for the final is palpable in all. Whether they will be cheering from the stadium or their homes, every Indian is praying to see the trophy come to the country.

Disclaimer: Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd (CCIPL) does not have any control over issuance of visas or passports to the contest winners. The responsibility for these rest solely with the contest winners.