Glass Bottles are manufactured at Coca-Cola’s approved supplier factories

Glass is 100 per cent recyclable and reusable after cleaning. It’s transparent so you can see what is inside and it’s impermeable so it does not affect the taste. That’s why the Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite or Thums Up in your hand, comes in a glass bottle.

Manufacturing a glass bottle is quite a process in itself. Itinvolves several steps such as raw material mixing, melting, blowing and annealing packing before it takes the perfect contour that contains your favourite drink.For mixing, the raw materials such as sand, soda ash, limestone, recycled glass pieces (cullet) and other ingredients are mixed in a specific ratio in batches. The batch is then continuously melted in a furnace at approximately 1500° C.

This red-hot molten glass is conditioned, converted in gobs of predefined weights, guided into blank moulds to form a parison and then shifted to a bottle mould, where compressed air is used to blow the bottle into its final shape.

The newly formed bottle is then removed from the mould and transferred by conveyor to the annealing oven or the lehr. The external surface of the bottle is first coated with a thin layer of tin oxide to strengthen it. In the lehr (heating –cooling tunnel), the bottle is cooled from 600° C to 100° C in a controlled manner. This prevents uneven cooling, relieves the stress within the bottle and ensures that it is stable and safe to handle.

This process takes anything between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Before leaving the annealing lehr, the bottle’s external surface is coated with polyethylene wax to protect the surface of the glass and prevent scuffing between bottles.

From here the bottles undergo further visual inspection with sophisticated, high-resolution camera equipment, as well as trained specialists and then packed and sent to beverage filling plants for repeated filling cycles.

At the several bottling plants of Coca-Cola in the country, these bottles are then subjected to the plant’s quality checks, washing and cleaning, before use. High speed, premium manufacturing technology at Coca-Cola bottling plants ensures that your favourite Thums up, Sprite, Fanta or Limca can be filled in these bottles at rates as high as 600 bottles per minute.