Choosing the right coffee is not the easiest job. For Indians, many of who have grown up on filter coffee, latte, cappuccino, mocha or other kinds of coffee, it can be quite confusing.

When you go and to the coffee vending machine in the office, sometimes choosing between the various drinks can be quite a challenge. Knowing your coffee is not difficult and as you know more, it will be easy to appreciate the difference between the variants.

Here is your ready guide to the different kinds of coffee drinks that are available with just the press of a button on the coffee vending machine. You can also get these drinks at the neighbouring coffee store.


Mocha is one kind of an espresso drink with a shot of chocolate added to it. Some people add hot chocolate to it while others find different ways of making it. Sometimes, the coffee and chocolate are mixed in equal measure to suit individual taste. The final taste of the cup depends on individual taste but generally the sweetness of the chocolate is balanced with the bitterness of the espresso.


A cup of cappuccino has a lot of foam at the top. A typical cup will have foamed milk, espresso and steamed milk in one-third measure each. While the milk is being foamed, while the shot of espresso is being brewed and then the foam is scooped at the top. The steam helps make the out of an espresso machine. Sometimes, chocolate or cocoa powder is sprinkled on top of the foam to suit individual taste palettes. 


When steamed milk is poured on top of an espresso, it is a latte. Three fourth of the cup has milk while foamed milk and the espresso make up for the rest. Since this is an espresso mixed with milk, the consistency of the foam is not always the same. Indians may find espresso is a little bitter for their palette but the foamy feel of latte makes is a little better suited to the Indian tongue. The foam at the top of the latte can have a fancy design on top.


Since espresso is strong in taste, the americano is made in a manner in which it is less strong in taste. Water is poured into the brewed cup and the americano has no milk in it. It is often considered a western way of having coffee. 


A frappe is made from ice cream, milk and flavored syrup, usually. It may also contain coffee or coffee flavour. latte is made with half milk, half espresso. Iced drinks with different flavours are also frappes with different names and flavours can also be made from ice-cream. 

The humble and popular cold coffee, in comparison, is simple to make and serve. Just mix coffee and cocoa powder in warm water or milk and make sure the coffee has dissolved. Add milk and some cubes of ice and blend till the foam is ready and the coffee has mixed well. Some people like their cold coffee with ice-cream while others just love the plain old cold coffee.