Crazy morning rush to the office. Battling heavy traffic on the way. Mentally preparing for a long, hardworking day. The pressure of meeting deadlines. All of which keeps you on your toes through the workday.

If you are a working professional, chances are, this could be a typical working day. The energy may be dipping every hour only to combat traffic yet again on your way home and finally call it a day by collapsing on your couch.

God forbid you have to head out for drinks with friends or colleagues on such a day because that would need you to dig into those extra reserves of energy that you keep aside for the weekend. If this sounds all too familiar, then here’s a smart solution. It’s called Aquarius.

Get Active Hydration!

Aquarius is an active hydration drink that’s safe to drink every day. Since it has no caffeine, preservatives or other stimulants and only essential body salts such as sodium, potassium and calcium, it is perfectly safe to drink daily. All this while helping you stay mentally and physically active because it gives your body that natural boost it needs. It is the perfect companion to keep you charged at work. Everyday!

A Drink That Keeps You Going

Here’s a fun fact -our bodies heat up and burn energy even when we’re talking or thinking. And we do a lot of that on a daily basis! The onus is on us to stay on the ball and ensure that lethargy and fatigue doesn’t get the best of us. Enter Aquarius. It gives your body the much-needed minerals it burns through the day to give you that little extra something to power on.

Nothing Artificial About It! Calorie Counting?

Turns out Aquarius can help in this department as well!

It’s low on sugar and doesn’t have any vitamins, artificial flavours or preservatives making it the perfect beverage when you’re on the go.

Aquarius keeps you more hydrated that even good ol’ H2O while replenishing your system with minerals. Sounds pretty perfect, doesn’t it?

If your lifestyle is one that demands you to be active minded and you find that you are constantly striving to do more in your day, Aquarius is the drink of choice to keep the wheels running.

Available in a 400 ml pack, this refreshing lemon-flavoured drink is for you if you realise the importance of healthy living means you need to keep yourself hydrated. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get your Aquarius for the day already!