Minute Maid had a sweet surprise up its sleeve at the recently concluded ‘World Food India’ event in Delhi. As foodies trickled in throughout the day, they realised they were the first of the many lucky foodies to taste Minute Maid’s frozen dessert offering, Minute Maid Perfect Fruit. The only thing that overwhelms you about Perfect Fruit is its fruity goodness and not the added sugar or gluten or dairy or fat. It’s because it’s free from ALL of these.

Nadiya, a foodie with a weakness for sweet delights, was among the first few to taste the Blueberry variant, and for her, the perfect dessert had passed the test! She rated it ‘9 on 10,’ describing it as fruity, adding she’ll definitely be there for a scoop or two when the product hits the shelves. She added that she’d happily make her kids try it too.

Murty walked into the stall, scooped up a mouthful, before breaking into a smile of relief. He chuckled, “When you’re trying out a new food, it’s a gamble after all!” only to add right after that he’ll give it a 9 out of 10. Having tried the Strawberry variant, he emphasised on the authentic fruitiness retained in the dessert.  He surprised us by returning for another scoop later in the day, and we were thrilled, to say the least.

Mr. Tomar’s first words after savouring the Strawberry flavour were “I think you’ve got the consistency and sweetness right. Good stuff.” Giving it an 8 on 10, he nodded happily on being asked if he’d let the kids in the household enjoy Perfect Yoghurt, smiling gleefully while adding he’d do so only if he’d be able to leave some for the kids, being the one with a sweet tooth in the house.

Watch this space and we’ll be the first ones to let you know when Perfect Fruit hits the shelves!